Ultimate Guitar is a highly recommended site for finding the chords for many songs. If you hover your mouse over the chord designation, in many cases they will show you the fingering. is another great resource. There are comprehensive lists of songs for each artist and the chords are often available if you click on the selection for "Tabs".

Classic Country Lyrics - The name says it all.

Beginner Guitar HQ - How to Play Chords

Our group includes members of the Young Family Band.

See their website.




Chord Transposer offers an easy interface in which you can enter the chords for a song, indicate the original key and the new key, and then click a Transpose button to get the new chords.

If you don't need the chords, and you would like to have the lyrics and sing along to a soundtrack or video LyricsTube is a great resource. High speed access only. is a wonderful collection of Irish, Scottish and English and other folks songs, many with both chords and accompanying audio tracks.

The Gordon Lightfoot Alphabetical Song List at provides free access to all his songs with both lyrics and chords.



Guitar Tuner courtesy of the folks at Wimpy Player

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