Songs and Chords

Brad Stone: bass, guitar and vocals
Bob Foster: guitar, mandolin, and vocals
Gnarly C. Cord: guitar and vocals
Brad Young: banjo, guitar, and vocals
Ken MacDonald: guitar, banjo, harmonica
and vocals
Sharon Sallans: guitar, banjo and
Brenda McCumber: guitar and vocals
Shelley McCumber: guitar, spoons and
Lindsay Meyers: guitar and vocals
Slim Craig: slide guitar and vocals
Gord Stickwood: guitar and vocals
Margaret Wojewodka: guitar and vocals
Davy C: guitar, bass and vocals
Gentleman Jim Peasley: guitar and vocals
George Moore: guitar and vocals
(Deceased in 2019. His tribute page is located here.)
Jack Foster: Harmony Road Band
proudly names Jack Foster as
a honourary member.
(Deceased in 2019.)
Future Members of the Harmony Road Band: The Baron Brothers
Alexandre: vocals
Nicolas: guitar and vocals
Simon: piano and vocals
Riley: Named band mascot, canine division.
Gnarly proudly welcomes his Martin D28
to the Cord Family of Instruments
Copyright 2021, by Gnarly C. Cord